AMF Retrofit & H2 Station

Project Synopsis
This project will retrofit an existing maintenance facility to receive a hydrogen gas powered passenger train serving the Arrow route from Redlands to San Bernardino with advancements in technology, SBCTA is on the cutting edge by putting a hydrogen train into service. SBCTA is being tasked with retrofitting the maintenance facility and adding the necessary infrastructure to support an on-site hydrogen fueling station for the train. The project will add hydrogen gas and flame detectors to the AMF building, additional ventilation with automation, additional fire suppression, electrical equipment upgrades and a future hydrogen station.

Services Provided
CPM Partners is providing a full-service construction management team, including a quality manager, materials testing & inspection, resident engineer, surveying, office admin and document control. Prior to construction, CPM Partners is supporting SBCTA by developing project specific construction and quality management manuals, providing constructability reviews, supporting at bid-time and sharing lessons-learned with the design team. During construction, CPM Partners will manage the construction through completion.

Owner: San Bernardino County Transportation Authority
Location: San Bernardino, CA
Cost: $14 Million
Dates: March 2022 – Est. Winter 2024