challenging projects in Critical markets

CPM Partners is a multidisciplinary firm working within various markets with visionary clients. We take great pride in having experience working in traditional and cutting-edge markets, working with amazing clients and major industry players to deliver their projects, on time and under budget.


Population growth and density changes call for new, efficient ways to move people and goods. Our experience in delivering these projects effectively can help our public and private clients bring new ideas to life, safely and cost effectively.

Ports & Aviation

High demand for modernizing and increasing capacity of ports & airports. We can support with project delivery for these highly-regulated, precise and challenging projects.

Water & Wastewater

With growing demand and reduced supply of clean water, the need to add new and replace ageing infrastructure is more important than ever. We take great pride in our experience with new, rehab, and delivering the latest technologies to clients.


Our public and private clients rely on their facilities to effectively achieve their goals. From new construction to tenant improvement projects, we have the experience to deliver these challenging projects, with the needs and regulations of today.


Changing student needs calls for advancements in education. Our passion to partner with clients that truly care about education sets us apart. Children are the future, and these projects add to their safety, and ability to learn with the latest technologies.


Increased demand in clean energy has created new markets. We are proud to be on the forefront of the latest technologies like H2 and Electrification, helping our clients keep their communities safe and make a positive impact on the environment.