What We Offer

CPM Partners is a multidiscipline construction project consulting firm. We provide comprehensive Construction Management and Claims Avoidance & Dispute Resolution services.

Depending on our client’s needs, we are prepared to provide a single project specific service, a combination of services for a select project or program, or full-service program, project or construction management. We work closely with our clients initially to understand their needs, based on which we can provide the right resources at the right time and for just as long as is required to maximize the benefit to our clients while minimizing project costs.

Construction Management

Construction Management partners with visionary clients to deliver challenging projects. We offer full-service construction management services, whether our clients need a turn-key option, or partial support with specific roles.

Scheduling & Claims

Advanced scheduling beyond the Excel sheet. We are experts in developing and analyzing complex P6 project schedules. In the unfortunate event that a claim develops, we have a team of experts that can support.

Project Controls

Encompassing processes, experience, people skills, and tools used to plan, manage, monitor and mitigate any risk or events that may affect the cost and schedule of a project.

Project Management

Professionals who organize, plan, and execute projects from inception to completion. We lead entire teams, define project goals, communicate with stakeholders, and see a project through to its successful completion.

Staff Augmentation

We offer highly skilled and professional “in-house” staffing that allows our clients to scale up or down, as their workload changes without having to hire permanent staff.