SANDAG – Midcoast Corridor Transit – Advanced Wet Utility Relocation South (ADWETS)

Project Synopsis
CPM Partners, as a sub-consultant, provided construction management support on SANDAG’s Mid-Coast Corridor Transit, Advanced Wet Utility Relocation South (ADWETS) Project.

SANDAG administered construction of a new light rail double track. Mid‐Coast Corridor Transit Project (MCCTP), Elvira to Morena Double Track Project (EMDT) and the San Diego River Bridge Double Track Project (SDRBDT). MCCTP extended trolley service from Santa Fe Depot, Downtown San Diego to the University City community, serving major activity centers such as Old Town, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and Westfield UTC Shopping Center.

The project prioritized the utility relocations as the first item of work. Relocating water and sewer facilities that conflict with MCCTP, SDRBDT, and EMDT take precedence over the start of heavy civil work for the project.

The Advance Wet Utility Relocations consisted of water and sewer relocation, reinforcement of existing water and sewer mains in place to support future railroad and structure loads in the Mid-Coast Corridor, and ancillary facilities required to complete including walls, storm sewers, landscaping, and other roadway improvements.

Services Provided
CPM Partners provided construction management support, CPM scheduling and Contractor Schedule Review services to SANDAG’s Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project.

Location: San Diego, CA
Cost: $23,524,000
Dates: August 2015 – Late 2017 (est.)