City of Glendora – San Gabriel Plant Improvement

Project Synopsis
CPM Partners provided full service construction management services to the City of Glendora for the San Gabriel Plant Improvement Project.

The project consisted of the construction of a 1 MG pre-stressed reservoir; masonry block wall and steel framed pump station building with five (5)
booster pumps and an onsite 450 pounds per day sodium hypochlorite generation and injection feed system; a steel warehouse building with office
and restroom; roll-apart soundproof building around existing wells; piping, valves and appurtenances; electrical, control and instrumentation systems; paving, fencing and other site improvements. This project also included the demolition of an existing concrete reservoir; an existing masonry pump station building; existing booster pumps and various above and below ground facilities.

The San Gabriel Plant is an active water supply and distribution facility which remained in operation at all times during the construction of the
improvements. The City receives approximately 60 percent of its potable water from the San Gabriel Plant and reconstruction of the plant is part of
the City’s Water Master Plan. The construction of the new improvements involved a complex work sequence on the one-acre site including the installation of temporary well discharge lines, booster pump suction lines and other temporary facilities necessary to maintain the existing facility operation during construction of the proposed improvements.

Services Provided
CPM Partners personnel provided construction management, scheduling, claims support, inspections and administrative services.

Owner: City of Glendora
Location: Glendora, CA
Cost: $8 M
Dates: May 2012 – Apr 2014