County of San Diego – Wing Avenue Flood Control Improvements

Project Synopsis
CPM Partners, as a sub-consultant, provided construction management support services to the San Diego County on the Wing Avenue Flood Control
Improvements and Water Line Relocations project.

The project consisted in general of increasing capacity of existing channel configuration by resurfacing the existing channel and replacement of
existing reinforced concrete box culverts. Work included construction of retaining, parapet, and wing walls, resurfacing channel, reinforced concrete box culverts. Improvement of the 3,600-foot-long channel required the construction of a clear water diversion during work in the channel. Work also included roadway construction at various street crossings, installation of drainage facilities, sewer reconstruction, planting and irrigation.

The project also included relocation of a 48-inch water pipe owned by Helix Water District and a 68-inch water pipe owned by City of San Diego. The construction of both the 48-inch and the 60-inch water pipes were performed within 14 calendar days from the day the water is shut down by the
agencies, per these special provisions, as shown on plans, and as approved by the Engineer.

Services Provided
CPM Partners provided office staff in support of the County’s project management team. Specific roles for this project included CPM Scheduling,
and general construction management support services.

Owner: County of San Diego
Location: San Diego, CA
Cost: $5.5 M
Dates: July 2013 – Dec 2014