City of Ontario – SCE Claims Services Project

Project Synopsis
CPM Partners provided delay analysis to investigate the effect of late SCE pole relocations on construction for the City of Ontario.

Project Synopsis
The City of Ontario authorized NMC Builders to widen and improve streets. NMC Builders hired contractors to do the street widening and associated underground water, recycled water, sewer, storm drain and gas line work. Dry utility service providers (SCE/Verizon/Charter/Time Warner) relocated services that interfered with road widening. City funds in the form of waived or credited developer fees, were used for the project. The City of Ontario/NMC paid SCE, under protest, to move SCE’s poles. The City claims the relocations should be covered under SCE’s franchise agreement, in which SCE agreed to move poles at no cost, if the City widened or realigned roads. SCE claims that the relocations fall under an exception for re-alignments for no-cost (no City money) projects. The City wants back the $3M it paid SCE, plus $2M for additional costs it paid contractors for delay and disruption.

Services Provided
CPM Partners services included review of project plans and schedule-related specifications, analysis of CPM schedule updates and As-Planned / As-Built analysis, and a review of the claimed costs. Work product included analysis result charts, notes, interrogatory responses and backup exhibits.

Owner: City of Ontario
Location: Ontario, CA
Cost: $41 M
Dates: February 2014 – April 2016