City of San Bernardino MWD (SBMWD)
RIX Wells Retrofit

Project Synopsis
CPM Partners provided assistance to the City of San Bernardino Municipal Water Department for the re-purposing of test wells into production wells.

The work consisted of refitting 3 test wells into production wells and constructing 1 new well. It included electrical and control systems; a power control center and building; installation of prepurchased pumps, motors, and variable frequency drives; and installation of a prepurchased standby diesel emergency generator.

The production wells provide supplemental water when needed to maintain a minimum flow in the Santa Ana River. The supplemental flow became necessary when endangered species moved into the area after an earlier tertiary water treatment project increased flows in the river. During treatment plant shutdowns, the tertiary-treated water flow ceases, necessitating a backup water source.

The project included approximately 3,800 linear feet of 12-to-30-inch diameter steel pipe, and 4 pumps capable of supplying a combined 8,000 gallons per minute of water.

Services Provided
CPM Partners provided claims and scheduling assistance assisting SBMWD during construction with schedule reviews, time extension requests, change order evaluations, potential disputes and claims, critical path method scheduling, and advising SBMWD by providing recommendations and formal responses to Contractor-initiated issues to mitigate impacts to the project and protect SBMWD’s interests.

Owner: San Bernardino Municipal Water District
Location: San Bernardino, CA
Cost: $5.7 Million
Dates: March 2017 – December 2017