County of San Diego – Woodside Avenue Flood Control

Project Synopsis
CPM Partners provided scheduling assistance to San Diego County Department of Public Works as part of the 3-year As-Needed Countywide Construction Management (CM) services contract for the Woodside Avenue Flood Control Project.

The Woodside Avenue Flood Control project involved the replacement of approximately 2,400 linear feet of existing storm drain facilities with a new 30-foot wide by 5.5-foot-high box culvert, providing downstream erosion protection and on-site environmental mitigation, lowering of three existing water main lines, realignment of two sewer main lines, and undergrounding of overhead utilities. Water mains, sewer lines, and gas lines were relocated as well. This will enhance system capacity and accommodate a 100-year flood.

Services Provided
CPM Partners services included baseline schedule evaluation, critical path method scheduling, change order analysis, schedule analysis, time impact analysis, oversight and the supervision of scheduling staff responsible for reviewing the Contractor’s monthly schedule updates for conformance with project specifications. CPM Partners also prepared all final reports, met with Contractor and the County to resolve schedule issue, and evaluate Contractor TIAs.

Owner: County of San Diego
Location: San Diego, CA
Cost: $16M
Dates: March 2016 – Jan 2017