City of San Diego – Scripps Ranch Pump Station Design-Build

Project Synopsis
CPM Partners provided consultant services to the City of San Diego on the Scripps Ranch Pump Station Design-Build Project.

The Scripps Ranch Pump Station Project included the construction of a new pump station located just north of the Miramar 2A Valve Vault, near the intersection Scripps Ranch Blvd. and Scripps Lake Drive.

There are six total pumps, five duty pumps (three 2.7 MGD pumps, two 4.55 MGD pumps) and one stand by unit (4.55 MGD). The suction to the pump station was connected to existing both the 66-inch Miramar PL and the 84-inch Miramar 2A PL via a 36-inch manifold. The discharge to the pump station will be connected to the existing 20-inch 1020 Zone pipeline on Scripps Lake Drive just south of the Miramar 2A Valve Vault via a 30-inch manifold.

Additionally, as part of a separate contract on the same site, the City provided a standard urban storm water mitigation plan, retaining wall and drainage structures, landscaping and water conservation irrigation system, and fencing.

Services Provided
CPM Partners provided document control, construction management support, and scheduling services which include baseline schedule review, monthly schedule reviews, claims analysis, time impact analysis, contractor schedule reviews and coordination support ensuring necessary records are kept on key production and evaluating Contractor’s time extension requests for the City of San Diego.

Owner: City of San Diego
Location: San Diego, CA
Cost: $10 M
Dates: October 2011 – October 2014